Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

January 10, 2023 115 people Latest news

Car insurance is mandatory for every car owner in India. The essential piece of paper sitting in every car’s dashboard not only prevents a fine but also plays a crucial role in financial planning. An accident can be financially draining for you, your loved ones, and those involved in the event. Comprehensive insurance for a car saves you from a financial crisis during such times. It covers damages caused to the car, and liability to third parties, along with providing you with a personal accident cover. A sudden breakdown of your car in the middle of nowhere can be both intimidating and annoying. Be it a flat tyre or an electrical failure, it can disrupt your beautiful journey and leave you helpless. Roadside assistance in car insurance acts as a saviour in such times. This add-on cover comes to your rescue if your car breaks down and you are stranded. 24x7 roadside assistance provides you with services that take care of emergencies ranging from running out of fuel to a mechanical defect.


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