Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

February 19, 2022 319 people Latest news

Emergency aides or a Breakdown cover is an extra you can select in your comprehensive vehicle insurance or two-wheeler protection strategy, to help you in times where you really want emergency aides, a.k.a need some assistance when you're stuck out and about. Regardless of whether it's a little incident or a punctured tire, a 24x7 emergency aides cover can help you in the midst of such difficulties, without bookkeeping it as a claim. You can settle on a Roadside or Breakdown Assistance cover in your thorough vehicle or bicycle protection strategy for the standard least expansion in your premium. At MM Motors, for a vehicle, it could cost you an additional Rs 102, while for a bike it could cost you Rs 40. Once you've as of now selected a Roadside/Breakdown Assistance cover in your MM Motors vehicle or bicycle protection plan, utilizing the Roadside Assistance cover in the midst of hardship is simple! All you really want to do in the midst of difficulties (when you want the help) is give us a ring at 1800-103-4448 and keep your arrangement subtleties convenient and we'll show up for you in a matter of moments. With MM Motors, the Roadside Assistance cover accompanies 24x7 help and deals with the accommodation and work costs as well. We serve you up to 500 km from your city (not at all like others covering just 100 km). We're as of now provided you with a substance of what everything is canvassed under RSA in your vehicle protection or bicycle protection. Notwithstanding, you genuinely should comprehend the subtleties inside your inclusions, so you plainly comprehend the advantages of a side of the road or breakdown help cover.

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